Buddy… What A Powerful Word

Do you ever get called "hun", "love", "mate" or "buddy" by a complete stranger? If so, how does it feel? Pretty good right.

The other day I was buying some lunch in Waitrose and the lady cashier addressed me as "love". She's done this before. Then later in the day as I was getting off the tube (London Underground) making my way through the people and endless bags, one guy had to move for me, it was a bit of a squeeze. But as I made my way through, he said "you got enough room buddy?". I didn't care so much that he gave a shit whether I had enough room. I was happy because he called me buddy.

I don't know why, but when strangers address me by these endearing and matey names I feel at ease, loved and accepted. I always try to do it as I want to be cool with everyone. I love it when others do it too.

Hey Buddy

It's just a random thought I wanted to share. Do you do it? Are you inspired to do it? After all, we are all in this together!

To your success buddy,


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