Care About Beating OCD, Not The Opinion Of Others

Are we motivated more by what others think of us? Or by our own pain?

I saw that my friend started taking multivitamins and I asked her why was she taking them. She said she saw a post on Facebook that said taking multivitamins would slow and even stop the growth of grey hair. This sparked my interest because I have told her many times that multivitamins can help with depression. Check out the book The ultramind solution for more info. In fact I had banged on about it, to the point of annoying myself. I quite like myself so that is a challenge.

I was intrigued to find out why she was so motivated to take them now when she was so uninterested before. Here is how the dialogue went (roughly):

Me "I'm curious to find out why this Facebook post motivated you to take multivitamins. What does not having grey hairs mean to you?"

Friend "I don't know. Looking youthful I guess"

Me "And why is looking youthful important?"

Friend "So I can fit in"

This was both interesting and shocking. Interesting because I like to know what makes people tick. And shocking because we can often be more concerned about the image we project than the truth.

If this is you stop it. What's truly making you unhappy needs to be addressed. Not the surface level bullshit. What people think of you is none of your business. Put more emphasis on your mental health recovery. Put it above all other non-important matters.

Fear your illness not what someone else thinks of you. Then use that fear to kick it to the curb!

Consider yourself told 🙂


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