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“If Life Is A Dream” Poem

I was on the London Underground making my way out of London to go to a funeral of a remarkable women, who's life was sadly cut short. Never the less she lived a wonderful life, and the church was packed - testimony to the great impact she had on so many people.

"Whoever has the biggest funeral wins"

Tai Lopez

Her death was a reminder that we will all depart this earthly plain at some point. While I was on the train I was reminded of an Alan Watts talk called "The dream of life". This notion that life is just a dream. What we call reality is just a dream. This has been on my mind for a while, however that day I felt inspired, nope compelled to write the below. Good or bad it came from a deep place and not from my mind:

A wise man told me that life is a dream,
Which makes death the awakening,
If life is a dream,
Then death is a new dawn breaking,
If life is a dream,
Then the world is my mind,
If life is a dream,
Then I imagine space and time,
If life is a dream,
Then I am something else,
 If life is a dream,
Then this body is my house,
If life is a dream,
I wonder what is the sleepy me,
If life is a dream,
I wonder what I'll see,
If life is a dream,
In death all we lose is being mortal,
If life is a dream,
Death becomes the portal,
If life is a dream,
Then our suffering is imagined strife,
If life is a dream,
That makes death - life

Stuart Ralph (2015)

There are many THEORIES about what happens when we die. I am not certain, but at the moment I think this life is somewhat of a dream, and that our souls will join back with the pure energy of the universe (God). Maybe we'll be reincarnated as human or something else. Or maybe we'll go on to something no one can imagine.

My poem is purely my curiosity on the philosophical statement that "life is a dream".

What do you think of life? My poem? Bananas?

To your success,


Notes -

If you're interested in reading a refreshing perspective on the "after life" check out - Eben Alexander's book Proof Of Heaven.


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