Cheer Yourself On In Your Recovery From OCD

I’m don’t like the victim mentality. We all know a person who’s constantly saying “poor little me”, “the world is against me”. Thankfully I guess, or maybe through resilience of some tough times I have a cheery disposition. In recent months I have had days where even my cheery disposition wasn’t enough, or so I thought. In times of high anxiety as a result of OCD I’ve started to get frustrated at feeling that way, and not being ‘normal’. This only furthers my downward spiral.

I’ve been reading the book Break Free From OCD. In it the author uses the mentality of football fans to draw comparison to the importance of a OCD’ers disposition in recovery. He states that football fans will cheer on their team to encourage them, and boo and hurl abuse at the opposing team to get inside their head and make them lose focus. I can say from playing competitive sports and from watching many sports live this does have a huge effect on performance.  

If you take a more understanding and supportive approach to your problems, it may be that this will help you make more progress” Pg 45

With that football analogy there is a huge learning here for our own recovery. If we are beating on ourselves when we have a bad day or answer those obsessions and act out those compulsions then we will only become more negative, and feel less inspired to keep doing the good work we have been doing in our recovery.

I am making a promise to myself to be my own cheerleader, I encourage you to have your back and keep your head up, as this is what will keep you fighting the good fight.

"Bad times have not come to stay-- they have come to PASS” – Les Brown

I hope it helps,


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