Does Hypnosis Cure OCD? My Experience

In my recovery from OCD I've been working hard on the traditional therapy methods. But at the same time I am trialing all the weird and wonderful alternatives too. I never forget that we used to believe the earth was flat. We were wrong before. It's important to remember we could still be wrong about a lot of things we are certain about as a society. My point is, never dismiss something because it isn't adopted by the mainstream. With this in mind I wanted to see if hypnosis would have any impact on my OCD.

I listened to the below hypnosis which focuses on removing your obsessions. The first time I did it, my oh my. I was the most relaxed I think I have ever been. Straight after, my mind was considerably more quiet than before I started. I continued to listened to this for around 8 days. Although it had a diminishing impact, there were some benefits worth sharing.

Does Hypnosis Help OCD Sufferers

Will hypnosis heal OCD? I'm not sure, maybe, maybe not. But from my early dabbling s in it, I can see two powerful benefits:

  1. It will relax you
  2. It puts suggestions deep into your mind about not obsessing anymore

This hypnosis deeply relaxed me. When anxiety is high, and you are stressed out. Finding ways to distress and relax, can be a great step to lowering anxiety. As we know, anxiety will decrease when left alone. This I found is benefit one of hypnosis.

The second benefit would have to be the positive suggestions the hypnotist says. In the above video he encourages you to talk about obsessions being something you used to do, and that you are free from them. Whether this actually removes them or not is up for debate. What I found it did do, is remind me of my recovery. When I started obsessing, his suggestion would pop into my head and remind not to give in and answer the intrusive thoughts.

Does hypnosis work? Who knows. But for the OCD'er I see strong benefits to doing it.

To your recovery,


Caveat: My test was only through a YouTube video. If I did it in person, it may have had different effects, be that good or bad.

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