Hollywood’s Ideals Of Love, And The Issues For OCD Sufferers

I've come to realise from the study of relationship OCD (rOCD) that we have been brought up on a fairy tale information diet of love. I first came across this in the book Love You, Love You Not. The author expresses how Hollywood and other media outlets paint an unrealistic view of love. Mainly the 'love at first sight' storyline. I had that once, found out it wasn't, it was just my hormones.

I was having a think about the films I have consumed in the past and the current films I watch. Low and behold over the last 6 years since I've started having OCD target any relationship or dating scenario I had, the key films I've watched and loved have been romantic comedies. Who doesn't love a good chick flick?! The key theme is usually: meet, love at first sight, stay up all night talking, minor hiccup then live happily ever after.

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For me, having the anxiety disorder OCD, my brain was constantly looking for perfection, serendipity and love at first sight. So when I would date and when any minor thing seemed off, I would get floods of anxiety, from my brain sending me a false message. My OCD was seeing anything except perfection as a risk to my happiness.

Realising this has been a massive step. Understanding that love and relationships take time. It's the bonding of two separate human beings. True love isn't a look across a room, it's the getting to know of each other, warts and all. The growth of two people merging for one common goal.

If you suffer with rOCD do a mental scan of yourself to see what your views of love are. If they are 'love at first sight' then start to replace this belief with one of true love. Real love.

Hope that helps,

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4 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Hollywood’s Ideals Of Love, And The Issues For OCD Sufferers”

  1. Ray Jantz December 29, 2016 at 10:44 pm

    As an ROCD sufferer, I can relate. I really appreciate the reminder!

    • Stuart July 13, 2017 at 12:28 pm


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