This Is How You Improve Your Grasp On The English Language – 30 Day Challenge

My latest 30 day challenge comes in the form of 'learning a word a day'. The English language has over, well no ones really sure how many words. Some people state over a million, some just over 100 thousand. Either way that's a lot more words than I know. Shakespeare apparently knew around 66,000 words. Arguably one of the most famous linguists ever, still only knew a fraction.

I'm far from Shakespeare, but I want to be a better writer, speaker and communicator. I want to fully express how I feel day to day, not confined to the limitations of a small diction.

As my book Challenge Yourself, I Dare You: A Better You In 30 Days has just launched, I thought I'd up my challenges. I'm currently mid-way through a yoga 30 day challenge. As this is a time effective challenge, I wanted to start immediately alongside my yoga challenge.

I will be detailing the words I learn daily. Feel free to join in with me.

1. Polemic - to engage in a controversial debate
2. Transfuse - to transfer something to something else or someone i.e. knowledge
3. Bemaze - bewildered, Stupefied
4. Despondent - feeling down or hopeless about something
5. Perpendicular - vertical or an upright position
6. Regale - to verbally entertain or amuse someone
7. circumspect - unwilling to take risks
8. Superfluous - unnecessary. Beyond what is needed
9. Denizen - a person, animal or plant that lives in a certain place
10. Lethologica - someone who cannot recall a precise word
11. Pluvial - moisture, water, ice originating from rain
12. Noosphere - the biosphere including human activities such as forestry, urbanization etc.
13. Contiguous - touching, in contact, bordering
14. Tumultuous - uproar or loud noise. Excited, confused and disorderly.
15. Venule - a small vein
16. Filacious - composed of threads

17. Revulsion - a sudden change in feeling

18. Symbiosis - a long term interaction with two or more biological species
19. Petulant - childishly Sulky and bad tempered.
20. Disparage - to belittle or discredit something or someone
21. Hempy - mischievous
22. Subjugate - control or dominate, under conquest
23. Gregarious - enjoying the company of others. Sociable.
24. Inscrutable - incapable of understanding
25. Saccadic - discontinuous or sporadic movement (usually used when discussing eye movement)
26. Prophetic - accurately predicting the future
27. Curtail - to reduce, cut short
28. Edify - to instruct, morally or spiritually
29. Echelon - level or rank in society or an organisation

30. Deiform - Godlike or divine in nature or form

Have you started a 30 day challenge yet? Go on I dare you!

To your success,

P.S. You can get my book here - Challenge Yourself (Amazon) >

Challenge started on 15th September 2014.

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