‘Leave it alone’ the 3 words every OCD’er needs to know

We are all addicted to thinking as Alan Watts would put it. If you suffer with OCD your mind is most likely working overtime, a lot of the time. Some days are better than others. Answering your worries, concerns and anxieties only inflames them. I first learned this after reading 'The acceptance field guide' by Mark Freeman. Who later went on to become my OCD therapist. Mark writes about learning to accept anything your brain throws at you, no matter how scary. Not to fight or justify your brains questions. To simply accept. This for me was extremely hard, but it has helped me greatly. Along these lines of acceptance is the idea of 'leave it alone'. I came across this in an Alan Watts video called 'The mind'.

"So in the same way
as a muddy turbulent pool
quiets itself when left alone,
you have to know
how to leave your mind alone.
It will quiet itself"

In the video Alan articulately explains that the mind will quiet itself if you leave it alone. So try accepting what your brain tells you. Also try leaving it alone. When your brain throws up those doubts and fears just leave it. Don't question it, don't answer it, don't even accept it. Just let it go. I found that after a while the mind forgets and stops throwing up the doubts. That anxiety cloud that was in my head, vanishes.
For more severe anxieties you may need to practice acceptance, but for smaller doubts and worries just keep letting it go and have faith in the process.


I hope this offers you some rest bite and acts as a stepping stone to your recovery.

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