‘Love You, Love You Not’ rOCD Book Review

What a fitting title. In fact at times of anxiety around the relationship I've looked at that cover and just laughed. Such a witty and painfully poignent title.

I have had OCD related issues around dating and relationships since I was 22. My OCD never touched relationships before this. But that's another story I'll cover at a later date. The key of this article is to review the book and maybe encourage you to buy it, should it meet your needs.

Any way I was looking for a search box moment. I was upset that I was with this amazing girl and some days I would be swamped with anxiety around the suitability of the relationship, and then other days it was great. I was figuratively 'going out of my mind'. I started searching the web for others who have OCD and similar relational concerns. I started to find out that I was in fact not alone (phew). It even has its own term, rOCD or relationship OCD. After a little more searching and reading I stumbled upon a blog called RelationshipOCD.com.

The blog offers some great down to earth advice. They were (are) selling a book called 'Love You, Love You Not' which talked about rOCD and how to recover from it. In my desperate situation I had to take a chance. Click - purchased.

Relationship OCD Book

Let me start with the end. The book helped me immensely. It made me understand what love truly was, how to break the cycle of repetitive worries and gave me a lot of hope. Something that at that time, was in short supply.

The book covers:

  • The background of rOCD
  • What love is (tainted by Hollywood)
  • The idea of 'falling out of love'
  • The 5 ways to love
  • The components of love
  • How to break the intrusive thought cycle
  • Q&A section from the blogs readers
  • Planning your recovery

What I liked about this book is that it was written in an easy but actionable way.

"If you want to be " normal", you have to start acting 'normal'" snippet from the book.

If you think you have rOCD or you know you have OCD, and are having relationship concerns I think this book will help you greatly on your path to recovery.

Regardless, if you are struggling I know your pain. Keep your head up and focused on recovery. It will get better.

To your success,

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