OCD and Spotify: Trust The Shuffle Button

I have a theory. Brace yourselves as there may be a smidgen of truth here. It also could be a load of bollocks but here goes.

Software like Spotify and iTunes library's with copius amount of music is making our OCD worse. I said it. It's out there.

Before you hate on me, here's my thinking.

Spotify Logo

With software like Spotify we have a nearly endless stream of music at our beck and call. If we don't like a song we can skip, shuffle or search for one that fits our mood. Nice right. Yes but for those with OCD it isn't beneficial. The reason being is that if you're like me, some songs will 'not feel right' or be 'depressing' or 'seem off'. This 'not quite right' feeling is common among OCD. When in reality there is nothing wrong with a song. Yes it may be shit (in our opinion) but under no circumstances should it weird us out or cause anxiety. If it does than this isn't the song offending our musical pallete but instead sparking our OCD. In such scenarios I will skip or find a song that makes me feel good. It's in these times that I need to listen to the song and learn to live with it. Only then when it no longer bothers me is it smart to find one I love.

If you feel the same. The next time a song comes on your shuffle that 'doesn't feel right' bear with it, embrace it until it no longer bothers you. This is exposure and response therapy in action. This is a powerful step to seeing through this not quite right feeling.

Sometimes as an OCD'er you need to trust the shuffle button!

To your success,

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