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I love the OCD community so much. Such loving and caring people. OCD seems a blessing after knowing you all. But. Big but. It pains me to see so many people campaigning to stop stigma and support OCD. When so few are campaigning for recovery...

If I have 10 hours in a day dedicated to OCD awareness i'm spending 1 hour on breaking stigma and 9 hours on helping spread recovery.

You may say that campaigning for better mental health understanding will lead to more recovering through schools helping people spot symptoms earlier and less stigma allows people to come out more freely. And you are right. However you would also be right if you said recovery focused campaigning would achieve the same. The volume of tweets etc would be the same. However by talking about recovery we are showing that OCD is nothing to be ashamed of, we are breaking stigma quicker than saying it's wrong to chatice mental health sufferers. And while we are breaking stigma we are also eductaing people towards a healthier life.

I don't want to put people off of campaigning against stigma and for better education in schools and the work place. As this is very important and I'm gratefulĀ for those that do.

What I am saying is that please put at least 10% of your efforts into spreading the message of recovery.

I'll end on this. It was someone banging the drum of mental health recovery that saved me. He never even touched stigma.


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