‘Savouring’ As A Tool For OCD Recovery

Positive psychology uses the concept of ‘Savouring’ to experience more joy. The act of noticing and appreciating all the positive aspects of life. The use of this concept as a technique draws your attention to the present. I see a lot of use for this concept with OCD recovery.

Savouring is very similar to being mindful. However the slight difference, is that when you are mindful and you notice something pleasing to you, stay in that place and savour the moment. Immerse yourself in it.

What activity could you do this week that would truly help you savour it? Give it a go and see if OCD takes a back seat.

Here is a report I wrote for my positive psychology course that may give some background into a recent savouring experience I had.

Savouring Report

On Friday I went to get my tattoo finished. I knew it was a 5 hour job. This session would complete a two year project to get my arm covered. The sixth session in total. So although I will likely get more in the future I wanted to savour this session, as it closes off this ‘project’.

I was getting the inside of my arm done, which is very painful. Before I went into the shop I prepped myself for the pain and accepted that it was going to be hard. This removed the fear.

My Tattoo Sleeve

Throughout the process, there were times it was agony, however I kept reminding myself of the importance of savouring. This brought my attention back to the smells of the ink, vasoline etc, the sound of the needle gun, and the sights of the art on the walls. I get on with my tattoo artist so I made sure to give him my full attention when speaking to him. Savouring the back and forth.

Bringing myself back to my senses allowed me to forget the pain (at times) and truly connect/remember the experience.



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