Spotify exposure for the OCD sufferer

I have a habit of shuffling and skipping tracks on Spotify. I'm particularly looking for a song that my heart, mind, ears want in that moment. However sometimes I will skip a song because it triggers memories that I don't want to experience in that moment, especially if it is linked as an OCD trigger.

And I have a feeling I'm not the only one who does this?!

Now whether you skip tracks because you know a song is an OCD trigger or when you skip on to a song and your mind doesn't feel good about the song and starts to bring up memories or stories of the future, be alert.

Because it can all lead to poor mental health. By skipping the track because "it doesn't feel right" is only telling your brain that all your thoughts are real and important. When in fact thoughts are meaningless, unless we give them meaning. And thoughts pop up all the time without any rhyme or reason.

Spotify and iTunes offers us an opportunity to improve our mental health. To show our brain that our random thoughts don't dictate our actions.

Next time you are skipping around and your brain worry's or doesn't feel right pause for a second. Then listen to the song anyway.

You could even say to your mind "Thanks brain for that information, but I'm gong to listen to this song any way".

Spotify and other music providers are a great testing ground for Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Accept your mind vomit and live your life how you want, not how OCD wants!

To your success,

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