The OCD Cinema: Now Showing Horror Movies

Our minds are like cinemas. Most people don't spend that long in the cinema. However, those of us with OCD have a freaking season pass. On bad days we go to the cinema on a daily, no scratch that, hourly basis. Which would be cool if the Cinema franchise Cinemind played comedies all the time (specifically Will Ferrell) but it doesn't. 90% of the time they show only horror movies. Not just any horrors movies; horror movies tailored to your worst fears in a given area. These films are so terrifying that you can easily lose the fact that you are watching this film, you become so engrossed you actually start to star in it. The film becomes so real, you can no longer distinguish what is the film and what is reality. This is the problem with OCD.

Does the above sound familiar?

I don't know about you, but I don't like horror films, I won't pay to have someone scare me. But with OCD if you don't want to feel the horror film you need to start watching it. You have to remember you are in the cinema, and that you are firmly planted in your seat. You need to remind yourself you are watching the movie, not in it. Easier said than done. It is our daily work. Our responsibility to our recovery.

OCD Advice: Watch the film, don't act in it

Next time OCD starts firing horror movies do not buy into it, do not get incarnated into that place. Instead watch the film, without judgement or labeling. If anxiety is there, just feel it, again don't judge it. OCD wants you to link the anxiety with the thought. DON'T BUY THE LIE.

Once you have watched the short film, get up out of your seat and go live your life according to your hopes, dreams and values. Rinse and repeat each time it happens.

Best of luck,


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