This Decision Will Start Your Recovery From OCD

I wanted to highlight a conversation I was having on Twitter with OCD&Me a.k.a. @Lil_Miss_OCD. She raised a great point worth sharing. Which is:

"I decided enough was enough, I wasn't going to let OCD win"

OCD Beating Mindset - Enough Is Enough

All great changes have happened at those moments we say "I can't take this shit anymore". This was the same for me in my recovery from OCD. I hit a point where I wasn't satisfied with the struggles in my life as a result of OCD. I was done be down all the time due to the incessant intrusive thoughts. This decision sparked my recovery.

I suffered for 20 years before I took my recovery seriously. After deciding to beat OCD. I grabbed every book and article I could find. I went through 3 types of therapy. I changed my diet. I started meditating. I did what it took, and still am.

My point is. If you are struggling with OCD, recovery can be scary. But trust me, living with OCD is scarier. Get yourself to the point where recovery goes from a "I should" to a "I will".

All the best,


You can find Lil Miss OCD's blog here: https://lilmissocd.wordpress.com/

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