This week I did my longest training walk yet - 13.6 miles. I walked from Tower Hill in London all the way to the very west part of London. It was fun ploughing through all the tourists. Realistic training for Wales don't you think. The walk was all good, apart from the final two miles got tough. I was bursting for a piss. So I had to stop in a McDonalds (I grabbed a large chocolate milkshake while I was there, of course).

Then last night I went on a micro adventure with my friend Eliot. We went camping in the wild landscape of Surrey. I used nothing but a sleeping bag and survival bag for warmth and shelter. In preparation for my no tent journey. I'm slowly getting used to sleeping without a tent. I'm hoping that on the trip I will be so knackered each night that I will fall into a deep sleep.

A quick update today. More map planning and training walks coming this week.

To your success,


P.S. I want to hear about any adventures you have coming up, or want to do? Comment below.

If you want to donate: https://www.justgiving.com/walk-wales-2015/

I will be tweeting throughout so you can keep up to date - follow me @StuartARalph.

Find out more about my challenge here: Walking Wales for Centre Point

Here's part one of my adventure update:

Walking Wales for Centre Point - Part 1

Walking Wales for Centre Point - Part 2

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