When ROCD Intrusive Thoughts Get Obscure

I have been doing some great work with ROCD, and OCD generally. Meaning I have been firm in the face of it and kept practicing ACT, and accepting my emotions (anxiety). The last two weeks have been great.

That being said anxiety spiked for me yesterday, the reason isn’t important for this article. My therapist told me that the more I remove OCD, the more obscure it will get. It will become desperate, if you will. Because its normal concerns, the potentially believable ones were no longer bothering me, it had to reach into the depths of my mind to scare me.

ROCD and Obscure Thoughts

The obscure belief around my relationship was that our horoscopes don’t match, and therefore we are doomed as a couple. If you believe in horoscopes then this isn’t obscure. But I have never let horoscopes dictate my behaviour or life. I read the signs of the universe, not the book that is written about the universe and that tries to fit 7 billion people into 12 star signs. Then make assumptions on love compatibility. I want to caveat that I am nonchalant towards star signs, I neither believe them nor disbelieve them. The point is if they have never bothered or scared me before, why now is my OCD putting so much importance on them? Because it has nothing else to use against me. It is using the ‘destiny’ card. A far flung attempt of intimidation. All I can do when this thought rises, is accept it. They have never dictated my life, so I’m not going to let them now. Sorry OCD!

If you struggle with ROCD, or OCD in any form. What obscure and weird thoughts is OCD showing you? If you never cared about such things before OCD or when OCD wasn’t there, that’s a sign that it is in fact OCD, and that you should accept the thought, as one of OCD, and nothing more.

I hope that helps,


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5 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “When ROCD Intrusive Thoughts Get Obscure”

  1. Katie Derry September 2, 2016 at 2:48 pm

    Seems like ocd is getting desperate! I’ve had a few obscure ones. One in particulat was a song that got stuck in my head (a v.catchy one by Little Mix). The thought ‘what if this song never leaves my mind’ popped in and scared the life out of me. Needless to say I was plaged by the popsicles for a few weeks until I managed to face up to it. Now it doesn’t bother me. Since then I’ve had an interesting array of themes but seem to be stuck on the purpose of mone and everyone else’s existence. I’ve never been the philosophical type – all to heavy for me, so to be grappling with this subject seems rather odd…🤐

    • Stuart July 13, 2017 at 11:40 am

      Thanks Katie. Hope you’re feeling better.

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