Why Am I Not Motivated? – OCD

Having OCD can demotivate you. You only have a certain amount of will power in a day. Fighting thoughts of contamination, wrong doing, doubts etc takes a lot of mental energy. It’s mentally exhausting. Expecting to be motivated on a day where OCD is rife, is hopeful.

In the OCD Podcast host Matt Bieber says OCD “pushes these marginal experiences to the center of your world” drawing all your attention and energy onto small issues that feel giant, catastrophic and maybe even fatal. You are potentially unmotivated because day to day you have a proverbial gun to your head. The key to getting motivated is not to dodge the bullets, but to see that the gun is in fact a water pistol.

The center of your world is what matters most to you be that your career, family, sporting life etc. This is where you want most of your attention, because that’s where peace of mind and flow are. OCD wants to push these marginal and small issues into that bubble, a good starting point is to realise this. Be alert to it. Know your core values and when OCD pushes these issues in your circle of awesomeness, recognise them, sit with them and they should start to dissolve. Do not buy into the lies. Over time this will become easier, but it takes commitment.

As you start to stop focusing all your time on entertaining OCD you will see your motivation start to come back, even stronger than before as you know what it was like to be unmotivated. Feeling motivated again will be electric.

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Q. How do I get my motivation back?

A. When you are unmotivated, start by taking the smallest action towards one of your goals, dreams or work. As you take small positive action on something that matters to you, you will start to get more motivation to take more action. Keep going in spite of how you feel. One of the key ways to change how you feel is to change your behaviors. Act in spite of.

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