Why We Need A World Anthem And Flag

Ah man do we need a world anthem. Call it the Earth song - if Michael Jackson's people will allow that.

After the horrible Ottawa shootings in Canada the Canadian national anthem was sung in America at a Philadelphia Flyers and the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game as a tribute. Me assuming that the Americans are oh so patriotic, I thought this would have gone done like a lead balloon. On the contrary, dear Watson. The American fans all sang along to 'O Canada'. Making it a very touching scene indeed (I nearly cried - be-au-tiful). Then a few weeks later America's 'Star-spangled banner' national anthem was being sung in Toronto for the visiting American team. The singers microphone died. Instead of booing, the Canadians continued singing the the anthem to its completion. Whether they did that as a thanks for having their back weeks before or they generally felt compelled to lend a hand, it was a touching show of humanity (both videos can be found at the bottom of this post).

I had the idea of a world anthem before but after seeing these two countries supporting one another, I finally got the kick up the arse I needed to write this.

We all have a national anthem. I'm British so I have 'God save the Queen'. Don't get me wrong I have my issues with it, see below. But overall, I'm proud to be British and my heart sings when I hear my national anthem. I'm assuming you get the same feeling when ever you hear yours.

Although I live in the UK I watch a lot of American sports here. Both ice hockey (Go FLAMES) and basketball (Go LIONS). Before each game the national anthem is played. At the Olympics the national anthem for each country is played. Basically, it is played before competition or battle. We also fly our nations flag in war, on schools and from our roofs. We are all so patriotic.

Let me ask you this. If aliens invaded us tomorrow, would you care if someone was from a different country to you? Or would you look at humans a bit more collectively? The aliens are now the enemy not (insert your least favorite nation here).

My take on national flags and anthems is this. They are good, they encourage culture and unity. They also, however, encourage separation and tiers of elitism.

What if. That beautiful phrase. What if, we had a flag for planet Earth, and an anthem that symbolised the human race.

Now imagine for a second that before each sporting event the world flag was raised, and the world anthem was played. Also, picture two enemy forces preparing to fight each other raise the world flag next to their national flag.

It's harder to fight your brother then it is your enemy.

I believe (call me crazy) that something as simple as a world flag and anthem over many decades would tear down barriers, lessen the importance of national pride and unite nations. People will be placing the importance on humanity first, then indivialism second. Always reminding people that competition is good, but not at the cost of peace.

Let me know what you think? Call me a dick? Call me a genius? But let's make this happen, oorah.

Your fellow brother,



American hockey fans singing the Canadian national anthem


Toronto fans singing the American national anthem

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