Fairer news breeds fairer humans

"The news is manipulating you"

This will be quick, and painful. Like ripping off a plaster.

I have, for many years avoided the news like the plague. I have said many times "I'd rather be uninformed than ill-informed".

A lot of people will read the news as soon as they wake up, throughout the day, and finally I assume as a horror story before bed. I think the news should be more positive, that goes without saying. However that aside the sheer amount of events that gets neglected is just shocking.

On Sunday 3rd July 2016 Baghdad was attacked by terrorists killing over 200 souls. I went to the top 4 major newspapers in the UK and not a single one had covered this event on their homepage. Admittedly I checked two days after this happened. That being said you'd think an attack of this magnitude would deserve to stay on the homepage longer than 48 hours?!

And it's not because the people don't want to know about Baghdad, because they do. The only mention I found on the homepage of one of these news sites was the Independent. And the only reason it was on the homepage is because it was trending in the "most popular" section. Which shows "the people" want to be well informed. Usually if there's appetite for a story the news sites will feature it because it brings readers, and readers brings advertisers, and advertisers bring BIG FAT CHEQUES. So why don't the news sites feature this story? I'll leave that up to you.

Is this event any less shocking than what happened in Paris? Paris was all over the news for at least a week. Paris was a tragedy, but so is this. Fairer news will breed fairer humans.

Baghdad bombing: Isis's most deadly attack in weeks is the one the world probably cares about least >>

My point in writing this rant was to illustrate in real time the lack of truth, clarity and transparency of "the news".

Read and watch the news at your own peril. Probably best to keep a generous pinch of salt with you.

Lots of love,


Recommendation: If you want to read the news, I recommend finding a few journalists you trust and following them instead of one newspaper.


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